The moutains and Queenstown

Good day readers !

I hope the weather isn’t as cold where you are as it is here, perfect for a cosy Sunday morning though …

January 6th


Last time I stopped on the road to the mountains, my friend Carole and I had left our beloved city of Akaroa to head to go to the Alps. It was a rather long road and one thing surprised me; when we arrived at our destination for the day,  lake Tekapo, I felt the mountains were still very far away.


The valley being so wide and large, it’s not the same feeling as in the Pyrénées, where I’m used to go. Here it takes a long long time to get up and there is no road for it, maybe that’s why there is an extensive use of helicopter there … I might be wrong.

Lake Tekapo


So here we were at this beautiful, majestic place, but we had no hotel ( remember ? we said ” let’s go freestyle “) oh yes it brought us surprises, good and bad. Tonight it was for the bad !

But first the lake, we spent a lot of time around the lake, Carole driving on this dust road for more than  two hour and a half. It was one of my favorite moment of the trip, we had good fun singing, the landscape was breathtaking, the light was surreal and we had lenticular clouds !


Until we got stopped by a river cutting the road.

Yes this is the road

Let’s not take unnecessary risks here, we were already in the middle of nowhere with no civilisation or habitations around …  So we went back and had the best salmon sushi ever at the Japanese restaurant here, fresh fish from the lake.


Unable to find a place to sleep around lake Tekapo we had to go 40 km back in the only small town close by : Fairlie.

We enjoyed a wonderful sunset on the way back

We didn’t expect to find an even worse place than Christchurch in the name of Fairlie. To be absolutely fair, the hotel made everything terrible. By now I should have gotten over the fact that a lot of hotels in New Zealand have a casino corner, but it’s still surprising to me. The room was small with smell of I’d rather not know and the bathroom shared. We survived…

January 7th

We left Fairlie with joy and on the road we took coffee with this view of lake Pukaki :


Lindis Pass

We spent the next two days in Queenstown. If you plan on going there, and you should it’s amazing, know that it’s a very popular town in the summer and finding a place to sleep require a few weeks of previous planning. Which we did not, but a week before we found a room to stay in the close by Gibbston wine valley.


A very beautiful place with a view like no other and welcoming Airbnb hosts. Queesntown has a lot of activities for adventurers but also calm travelers like me, I could see real living kiwis at the wonderful Kiwi Birdlife park. I have no pictures to show you because it’s a nocturnal bird and no pictures are allowed in their dark house, but they’re the cutest, weirdest birds ! Also I fought my height fear with the Skyline gondolas, have the greatest view on the city.

The view from the top of the Gondolas is breathtaking !


The water of the lake was very cold but I had to try


Two days is quite good to visit around here.

January 9th

We left happy of hour time there. When we stopped on the way for the first picture time, Carole realized she had forgot her camera at the bar we had been hanging the night before. Moment of panic, but after a few hours waiting for the bar to open again, a few sushis and a nice employee of the bar, we got the camera back in the biggest sight of relief ever !

On the way to the west coast we stopped by lake Wanaka. There was a special place we wanted to see there : Glendhu bay. We wanted to go there for the one and only reason that it sounds like “glandu” and  in french mean “dummy”.

Glendhu bay, part of lake Wanaka another huge lake of New Zealand.

I know, it might seem a stupid reasons, but when you have a friend that laugh with you at such trivial things, you have lots of good times.

Next I’ll write you about the west coast, the bush, its wild forest and as wild inhabitants !


Good day to you all !




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