The moutains and Queenstown

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I hope the weather isn’t as cold where you are as it is here, perfect for a cosy Sunday morning though …

January 6th


Last time I stopped on the road to the mountains, my friend Carole and I had left our beloved city of Akaroa to head to go to the Alps. It was a rather long road and one thing surprised me; when we arrived at our destination for the day,  lake Tekapo, I felt the mountains were still very far away.

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Orange marmelade

Hello !

A new process post for this week with an announcement : I opened a Portfolio !

See it here

A clean place were you can see my best work. The header is this illustration :


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East coast

DSC_3510Good morning, having a cosy Sunday I hope !

A while ago I promised articles about my trip to New Zealand and it seems events have forced me postpone the publication of these articles.

When I started this trip, I had troubles getting into the mood of holiday, I had traveled alone for 2 days before joining Carole and it took me the New Years celebrations to realize I was on the other side of the world and that could start having fun.

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Fibonacci and Polygonal Lasso Tool

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How are you ?

It seems I can’t keep a regular schedule on this blog, I wish I could but when I work I sometimes can’t focus on so many things at the same time.  I’ll try to keep the Wednesday’s Art blog post going… Don’t hesitate to comment and ask me for things you’d like to see or know in these post !

You remember ” Les pâquerettes ” right ?

Here is a little explanation for one of the illustration : Fibonacci_EN

This technique with the lasso tool is what I decided to do for all the illustrations of les pâquerettes. I’m getting used to this technique and I really like it !

What do you think ?


20 days in New Zealand

Hello ! How are you ?

You have noticed how calm January has been, for this blog it was, but for me it was an intense 3 weeks trip on the other side of the World!

First look over the country

I want to tell you a bit about my trip and I will do so over the weeks to come.

This first post is just a quick overview of my road and in future posts I will give more details.

The road between Westport and Picton

This was really a first for me, first time I went so far, first time I traveled alone. But I wasn’t alone all the time, I had the amazing Carole waiting for me to go on a road-trip around the South Island for two weeks.So all in all I only spent 6 days alone, two days at the beginning and four days at the end. And this part of the trip was the most organized part, I had reserved all my buses and Hostels in advance.

The Pancakes Rocks

The road-trip part with Carole was a bit wilder, we just had talked about the places we wanted to see and booked no accommodations. We had decided to go freestyle !

Here is my path :

Click to enlarge

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